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Citizen - Consumer protection


As the financial crisis in Greece is deepening, the consumers' judgement is unfortunately becoming more and more clouded, and in their daily struggle to make ends meet, they often become victims of fraud by small-time criminals.

There are many cases where crooks take advantage of people's ignorance and desperation and set up various scams in order to profit. Some may even pose as private investigators, seeing that many prospective clients who, due to inadequate protection from the state, which is incapable of protecting their interests, end up paying for the cost of an investigation themselves, in order to protect their property or private life. These imposter "Private Detectives" promise, through various advertisements or spam emails, to solve all of their customers' problems, free of charge, and with a 100% success rate in every case they have ever handled. In fact, they never work on the case at all. They just make a fortune collecting the downpayments, hoping that their victims will never find out and accuse them.  

Others claim to possess some "cutting edge" technological equipment, which they either sell or rent, so that you can also become a Private Investigator and solve the "mystery" yourself. The result is inevitably catastrophic, because apart from the fact that this "supermodern gear" is nothing more than inadequate gadgets made in China, it will also expose you. The so-called "specialists" will of course put these incidents down to the user's error or some malfunction and not their own inadequacy. The users later have to resort to a reliable Private Investigation Agency to make things right.

But there are still many TV spots, e-mail ads and text messages sent by well-organised criminal groups with titles such as "Free Mobile Tracker", "Satellite Phone Tracker", "Internet Mobile Tracker", "Google traces mobile", "following a person via satellite", "Find out who sees your Facebook profile" and so on. The cost is originally very small, the equivalent of a simple SMS (2.50-4.00 euros). The unsuspecting consumer sends a message from his phone and this is where the trouble starts. He becomes a member of an automated system which constantly sends him messages, charging him for them. The consumer can unfortunately not delete his name from the list without legal aid.

This is the extent of the scam, which takes advantage of the modern citizen's weaknesses. The solution lies solely in the online search for a reliable, certified and recognised Investigation Agency.