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Private Investigator Greece | Government denies reports of island evacuation [15/10/2012]

The shipping & Aegean ministry has stressed that the troika never raised an issue of the evacuation of small islands The government on Thursday categorically denied that representatives of the EC-ECB-IMF troika ever raised the issue of Greek islands with a population of less than 150 residents being "evacuated". According to a finance ministry announcement hours after the story went viral on the Internet, such rumours "have nothing to do with reality". An earlier press release by the shipping & Aegean ministry stressed that the "troika never raised an issue of the evacuation of small islands," ostensibly because they are a burden to the state budget. "No one ever raised such an issue with the shipping & Aegean minister. Anyone faced with such a prospect would only consider it a joke, and one in bad taste," the ministry added. According to AMNA news agency reports, a meeting between a troika delegation and shipping ministry officials exclusively concerned problems in the coastal shipping sector, namely ferryboat routes to remote islands. (AMNA, dv) Link:[http://www.athensnews.gr/portal/1/58664]No data





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