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Private Investigator Greece |Greek Crisis Creating Innovative Ideas[5/6/2013]

Greece’s crushing economic crisis is providing fodder for people with ideas on how to help each other, including an ad in the Greek search portal of property and automoto, Golden Deal (Chrisi Efkairia) that asked for a house rent-free in return for covering the expenses of running it.

The advert says, “Give us your house without rent and we will pay the expenses,” referring to the charges and the emergency property tax  levy colloquially known as haratsi. It is addressed to property owners that cannot find renters for their houses.

The ad was posted by consultants of alternative types of property concession, who clarify that they do not ask for a reward.

During the Greek crisis, property owners are obliged to pay many taxes and expenses, even if their house is empty and they aren’t deriving any rent. At the same time, rents have been sharply reduced because of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions.