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Guarantee for a discreet solution


Our agency's private investigators are your Guarantee for a discreet solution to your problems.
Apart from investigations on behalf of lawyers and all types of companies, eg in the insurance sector, our private investigation agency operates on behald of state-owned companies and local institutions. But even international conglomerates as well as small businesses and even  the Greek Justice Department belong to our long list of satisfied clients.   
Many of our private investigators have worked in state agencies such as the secret police (EYP) and police stations. Take advantage of their extensive experience to succeed in your own goals. 
If you need the advice of a private investigator, call our agency on 6974372702, where a qualified, experienced private investigator is always there for you, ready to suggest realistic, reliable solutions. You can also contact us filling out our electronic communication form, discreetly and directly getting in touch with our private investigation agency.