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Our Philosophy


Private Investigator Agency Zakynthinos Detective operates as a private business of mr. S.Zakynthinos, who is a Private Investigator-Detective. His previous relative experience comes from his activities in Germany, where the specifications and range of operation of such an agency must comply on a far more demanding scale. Since August 2009 the agency has moved to the centre of Volos, also operating a branch on the 3rd Kilometre of the Larisa-Athens-Salonica highway. Both offices are examples of a strong infrastructure, and are supported by state-of-the-art equipment.

This rapid growth is due to the deep understanding of the real needs of the client, which are becoming ever more complex, while also encompassing every activity and technology of modern life. Today the company employs, apart from supportive personell,  a large number of associates around Greece and abroad, in order to justify a potentially international spectrum, equal to the best Greek and international operations in the field. A recognition of this successful progress is the fact that  Zakynthinos Detective is the first company in its sector in Greece which has been certified with ISO 9001/2008 for the quality control of the services it offers. In Europe, there are only two Private Investigation Agencies that we know of, which have magaged to achieve this level of certification to date.
Because, apart from the issue of range, the quality of the services offered has turned "work intensity" to "knowledge and technology intesive" operations. Specialist scientists and renowned craftsmen in the fields of law, telecommunications, forensics, data processing and IT networks, finance, psychology and sociology are all part of the necessary resources whose smooth co-operation is necessary for the handling of modern-day social cases, reflected in every Private Investigation Agency's list of clients.
The total satisfaction of all these different demands is something which the Zakynthinos Detective agency is now capable of formally guaranteeing, assuring you that it does not only wish to be the best in its field, but that it also can, within the legal framework and always respecting Client Confidentiality as the spearhead of our actions on your behalf.

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