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Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud represents 10% to 15% of the total annual compensation paid out for material damages. These mainly concern the verified cases of fraudulent claims. Insurance fraud is therefore dealt with seriously and is a criminal offense.

The issue of insurance fraud is global, with an annual cost of billions of euros. Apart from damaging the insurance companies themselves, which will have to pay out money for fraudulent claims, such claims also harm the clients, who will have to pay higher fees in the future in order to balance out the costs ensued.

On top of that, the State can also be harmed through lost taxes, as well as the mobilisation of the relevant authorities, thus wasting public as well as private resources.

Cases involving criminal activity usually have to do with supposed injuries or death, "staged" car accidents, employee compensation for workplace accidents, health insurance and medicinal care as well as claims on property which has been destroyed, usually as a result of fire.

There are therefore no specific categories harmed by illegal activity, but this crime is spread throughout the services offered by the insurance sector.

You should start the investigating process for suspicious cases when you feel that a case you are investigating looks suspicious, lacking basic pieces of information, or sounds completely made up.

Our agency, aided by specialists in the field, can help you determine which of the cases involving insurance claims have extreme demands and are either misleading or entirely fake. Our associates are trained in matters concerning insurance fraud and know how important it is not to show any tolerance towards such deceit.

Our thorough investigation and international network of associates allows us to offer you the facts you need in order to avoid fraud in the first place, or use as legal evidence.