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Ντετέκτιβ Ιδιωτικοί Ερευνητές Γραφεία Ιδιωτικών Ερευνών Ζακυνθινός Detective : Εταιρική Πιστοποίηση ICAP   Zakyntinos S.  Private Investigator Greece Detective Mobile: +30 6974 372 702

Athens - Piraeus  Kolokotroni 100 Ave.  Tel. +30 211 770 8100 FAX. +30 24210 27246

English Speaking: Tel +30 24210 63775

Volos  Elefth. Venizelou 8 – Demetriados Ave.  Tel. +30 24210 27106 FAX. +30 24210 27246

LARISSA  3km Larisa Athens Thessaloniki  Tel: +30 2410 663 111 FAX. +30 2410 663 115 URL: detective-zakynthinos.net  E-mail: info@spyro.gr


Professional Networks:

There is no doubt that proper research is based on correct information. Although this is self-evident, one finds that nowadays the answers outnumber the questions! Furthermore, the questions are complex and far away from the logic of "black and white" to which we are accustomed. It is true that today, if one is not careful, they may end up being precisely wrong!

On the other hand, our profession needs the backup of a wide information and activity network, the depth of which must be customised for each individual case. For this reason, the Zakynthinos ™ Detective Agency has invested in the quality of all the nodes of our network, to enable us to:

1. Expand physical activity to wherever the principal’s case leads, through our partners in Greece and abroad

2. To have access to the appropriate information, "appropriate" ideally meaning "adapted to the case", "with the precision required" and "of immediate availability"

In terms of network partners in Greece, the range of our Agency has an established reach to the following geographical regions of the country:

Private Investigators Greece (P.I.) Agency In Cyprus:  we operate through our selected partners (Detectives) in NicosiaPaphosLimassol and Larnaka.

Through such selected partnerships we can follow the flow of a case with even international connections and involvement. By the term “Business Network" we mean the ability to undertake cases that, apart from geographical coverage, represent technologically advanced projects requiring the availability of specialists. Apart from the specialists in telecommunications and electronics, including material and micro-appliances, the range of our associates includes professionals in the legal and notarial sector, people in key positions in central government departments, forensic and biotechnology scientists, engineers of all categories and a host of other such associates. We are proud that people of recognized standing in their local communities and professional groups have honoured us with their trust and cooperate with us, raising the standard of services that our principals rightly demand.



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