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Protection from Religious Cults

There are some 500 cults active in Greece at the moment. Many people wrongly believe that the word “cult” refers only to non-Christian, Satanist communities. However a big part of these cults can be Christian denominations or groups.

Joining a cult is usually a result of

  • Personal, family or social voids that need to be filled
  • Intense existential struggles, usually among young people
  • The lust for power that cult leaders may portray

There are various ways of recruitment, which usually lead to the individual being trapped in an unwanted situation, detrimental to the society as a whole. A result of the methods and techniques employed by such groups is the destruction of the personality and self-esteem of the members, as well as their relationship with their family and society.

Victims are immediately cut off their environment, which is characterized as the enemy, and are forced to serve the cult and its leader. This is achieved through the mental manipulation and various techniques employed by such groups.

Spiritual values such as family, work, study, have no meaning anymore. The group demands total dedication and control over the person and the way of life of the whole becomes the way of life of the individual. The victim is constantly brainwashed until all ties to family and friends are severed, professional life and other relationships are often stopped and the person may even move abroad in some cases, all of which are destructive to the victim’s personality.

Even though interpersonal relationships in Greece are too many to destroy and family bonds too strong to break, the above techniques themselves prove the dangerous purposes and the true aim of the leaders of such cults.

We should therefore not treat the induction of our friends or family as merely a free choice, as the true facts of what has been happening over the past few decades prove the danger of such cults, even in cases where the victim has managed to escape, whereas there are even examples of mass suicide.

In our country there is no adequate protection against cults, or a system of helping victims free themselves from them.

If you do however noticed someone close to you being approached by such a cult, notify us and we will swiftly and responsibly aid your loved one, given our years of experience in tackling such cases. Also, we will keep you constantly updated so you can act before it is too late and protect this person before they even join such a group.