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Child Return

The International Treaty for the Rights of Children was signed in New York on 26th January 1990. Greece ratified the Treaty on 3rd December 1992 by L.2101/92 (FEK No192).

One of the legal issues tackled in the treaty is the movement of children across international borders. The Hague Convention covers more or less the same issues and has been ratified by L.2102/1992 (FEK No193).

Unfortunately, despite the legal support for the person whose child has been abducted by a former spouse, in practice and especially for countries outside the legal framework, the implementation of such rights is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

It is quite typical for our agency to therefore have to take initiative towards a more active process. Although every case is dramatically unique, we have been able to create a network of associates in almost every country, through which we design and implement a combination of legal activities, used for the benefit of our client, and to the extent that the reality of the other country will allow.

Since this is usually a very delicate situation, the active participation of our client is necessary in every step of the way, which of course needs to have been agreed upon beforehand.