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Missing People

  Because certain television journalists have turned the search for missing people into some sort of evening show, in our opinion to boost their own fame more than anything, we would like to stress that this is a serious, difficult and nerve-racking process for everyone involved.

First of all there must be legitimisation of the process by the searcher, in other words the capacity in which he or she is interested in something which is a personal right, i.e. the right to move without telling anyone where they are going or why. Also, it is the right of every "missing" person to remain missing, for certain people or groups of people, if he so wishes, as long as he is not breaking any laws.

Of course, if there is proof that the disappearance did not occur under legitimate circumstances, this right is void and the same happens for cases of minors who are deemed to have been either seduced, forced or mislead, or simply got lost.

Our agency will examine every one of these cases individually and in depth. Initially, we will give our client an overview of the chances of success in finding the missing person, based mainly on our experience in dealing with such cases.

The truth is that success in finding missing people depends on our collaboration with a network of private and public contacts, as well as access to certain databases, which could cover only a city or extend to the whole world.

Depending on the scope we will be expected to cover, there are relevant costs ensued, of which our client will be informed before hiring us for the case.

In every situation, we guarantee that our client will be informed of the reality of the process of searching for a missing person, both in terms of capability and possibility, as well as in terms of cost.

As opposed to television, the real investigation has to be based on the acceptance of all possible outcomes for the client, so as to ensure the total honesty as to the process, and that results are achieved depending on realistic expectations.