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Background check on potential employees

It would be a shame if, after a time consuming and costly search for the best possible candidate to fill a position in your business, you end up with someone who is in fact more of a weight than an asset to your company.

The current workplace is a jungle of certificates and experienced, trained staff, whose actual ability and skills are extremely hard to determine.

On the other hand, the financial crisis has presented Greece with a whole army of unemployed specialists, who are nothing like the untrained manual workers of the past: these are former executives, with unique abilities and experience, and a variety of supposed skills which cannot always be easily verified.

Our agency can investigate candidates’ former experience and qualifications, thoroughly and in detail, so that you can be sure that the person before you is who he or she claims to be.

If not, the law gives you the chance to defend yourself, providing the evidence which our investigation will present you with.

We can also investigate the possibility of the potential candidate being a “double agent” sent by a competitor to spy on your business.