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Welcome to Zakynhinos™ Private Investigator Detective Agency

During our long professional career within the Greek society, we have proven that an in-depth understanding of the real needs of our Client is the key to our success.
It is therefore no wonder that Zakynhinos Detective Agency is the first private research agency in Greece and among only three in Europe which has been certified with ISO 9001/2008 for our high level of service offered.

With our invaluable experience, our cutting-edge technology, our Information Networks and databases we have built over the years as well as our emotional and professional intelligence, we have managed to satisfy the demands of our clients in the best possible way. Private Investigator GreeceBecause, apart from the question of calibre, the quality of the projects we undertake has turned "labour intensity" into "knowledge and technology intensity". Specialist scientists and renowned craftsmen of every field of Law, Telecommunications, Forensics, Database Management and Computer Networks, Finance, Psychology and Sociology are part of the necessary resources whose collaboration is indespensable for the successful outcome of modern-day social cases, whose clientele are the mirror of every private investigation agency.

The complete satisfaction of all these different demands is something that Zakynhinos Detective Agency can officially guarantee, with the promise that, not only do we strive to be the best in our field, but also that we can, always within the Legal Framework and the Client Confidentiality rules which govern our actions on your behalf.



World Association of Professional Private Investigator - Detective
The World Association of Professional Investigators, WAPI, is a private investigator body, formed by professionals.
World Association of Private Investigators Detectives Inc.
Whatever the reason you looking for an Investigator or Security Professional, W.A.D. members are the World's Best.
Private Investigations-Detective Services ISO 9001 Certification
The International Organisation for Standardisation has come up with the ISO 9001/2008 system.
Dun & Bradstreet Company Certification
Zakynthinos Detective, in collaboration with ICAP Group S.A. and Dun & Bradstreet, world leaders in Company Information.
KOMPASS Connects Business to Business
Kompass is a comprehensive B-2-B database, with more than 3.5 million international and domestic companies listed, which link buyers and sellers worldwide.

Money Back Guarantee

The Zakynthinos Detective agency promises a full refund
of our client's deposit, if, due to our own responsibility, we fail to produce results or deliver what was agreed upon when we took on the case.Private Investigation Agency Zakynthinos Detective undertakes all sorts of investigations and is in a position to offer professional services throughout Greece as well as other countries, through its European network of certified associates.