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DNA Examination and Genetic Material Analysis

This is a scientific tool that has been greatly developed in our day and allows us to reach undeniable conclusions in many aspects of life, where genetic identification automatically verifies a right or responsibility. In every case, the key word is "identification", which involves:

  • The existence of the genetic material
  • The execution of the process of acquiring and examining the sample under certain conditions

As far as our office is concerned, our co-operation with specialised laboratories and scientific institutions has yielded valuable results for the successful conclusion of a variety of cases involving inheritance and divorce, as well as criminal cases such as grievous bodily harm, sex crimes, theft and robbery.

We are able to offer our clients a responsible and effective service, with the reasonable warning that, usually, a genetic identification leads to a chain of events which involve the rightful claim or responsibility, as this chain is entirely foolproof and supported by irrefutable evidence. This is exactly what our agency can guarantee.