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Protection from Industrial Espionage and Sabotage

Apart from industrial espionage, your company may be in danger of sabotage, often by the very members of staff it employs.

The Greek state, in its inability to implement laws effectively and monitor possible illegal activities, has allowed anonymous complaints to be filed against individuals or companies. The state mechanism is then put in motion to investigate such complaints, without necessarily having the right framework to verify them properly.

These could often entail bribing, entrapment or the need to impose fines through an entirely bureaucratic interpretation of the law. Apart from that, there is always the possibility of a planned attack against your company by competitors or disgruntled customers.

We are able to protect our client’s business through a thorough and swift investigation, which will determine whether such activities have been taking place, as well as their origins.

Through our network of informants, as well as modern technology, we are able to anticipate, if called upon early enough, such actions and avert their realization and the negative consequences that would involve.

Even if called upon after the fact, we can still help in many cases, in exposing the culprits of a negative outcome, so that the company can avoid such incidents in the future.