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Cost of Services

The moral and social responsibility of a private investigator is to justify his social role within a framework that does not endanger the safety, trust and discretion towards his client.

The private investigator should also have a full knowledge of the services he offers, and have skills that include the use of equipment, analysis of results and the ability to explain and present his client with realistic solutions to his problem, based on individual needs.

Depending on the services they must offer, private investigators may have to act as lawyers, advisers, psychologists or policemen.

The most common question when someone wishes to hire a private investigator is “how much will it cost me?” Nobody can give a clear answer to this, as it depends on a series of factors such as the type of service, the client’s needs and demands. It is also dependent on the unique complexity of each individual case.

Even when they do not know the exact cost however, it is common for people who contact private investigators to be willing to pay whatever price for the service they need.

There are of course many frauds, who may not even be real investigators and who will try to exploit your needs. They may either ask for the money in advance and then do nothing for your case, or simply not cover your needs.

This is why our agency and its associates have specialised each service so that you know what exactly it is you seek and we can therefore analyse your needs and demands and calculate a possible cost of the service. Having developed Quality Control System ISO 9001/2008, we can guarantee quality results and a constant update on the process of your investigation, always with total discretion, honesty and trust, and at the best possible price.