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Due to the wide range of cases which end up on a private investigator's desk, the legal framework is not capable of covering each case individually. The clarification, therefore, of rules of conduct and confidentiality, as well as their application, is up to the agency itself, which should be responsible in its dealings. Here at SPYro GRoup we have taken the innovative initiative to promise you the following:


1. Zakynthinos Detective guarantees the total confidentiality as far as the Client's case is concerned, without any exceptions, to the extend that the law will allow. The time frame for maintaining the confidentiality of the information does not expire, it does however depend on whether these facts become common knowledge, but even in those cases, Zakynthinos Detective will not actively expose anything.

2. During our preliminary meeting, Zakynthinos Detective needs some basic information from the prospective Client in order to evaluate the possibility of taking up the case, based on the terms set by the Client.

3. If the involvement of Zakynthinos Detective in the progress of the Client's case is interrupted for whatever reason before the case is closed, then Zakynthinos Detective guarantees the immediate, unconditional return to the Client (or any other person representing him) of the files, printouts and other written evidence which has come to our possession, or the destruction of these files in a shredder, upon the Client's demand.

4. The above also applies to all copies of such evidence, in any form that they may be (photocopies, scanned files, emails etc).

5. Zakynthinos Detective will never pass on a case to any other institution, private or public, except for our specified associates, of whom the Client has been informed and who are bound by a Confidentiality Agreement, or allow any third party to become involved in the Client's case, unless our Client approves or requests so in writing.

6. Zakynthinos Detective will not undertake a case which to our knowledge creates a conflict of interest with an already existing Client, and whose case is still actively in progress, nor will we ever use evidence from a previous case in order to proceed with a new one.